A new Open Design chair at Vienna Design Week

September 24, 2012

The Flat Nouveau Chair was designed especially for the Helmrinderknecht Gallery exhibition at the Vienna 2012 Design Week.

This chair takes its inspiration from Art Nouveau, a movement that has strong origins, and presence in Vienna. It is a piece that reflects at more than a century of cultural evolution of this style, from classic motifs, typefaces, 60’s psychedelic art that made an Art Nouveau revival, and commercial use of the style. The chair is a generous and humoristic sculptural expression around Art Nouveau.

The Flat Nouveau Chair has a unique structural configuration and hinge mechanism that were developed by Ronen Kadushin. It is cut from a single sheet, and bent to shape by hand with no need for machines. It is also an Open Design, meaning, anyone can download the design files of the prototype and self produce it or change it.