Spoke about Open Design as a panelists at the Sweedish Design Day

Posted by ronenkadushin on November 26, 2012

Had the honor to be part of a panel talk Themed "NEW MAKERS AND DOERS-Redefining a profession: new production and distribution feed new entrepreneurs" in Stockholm.


Vienna Open Design Festival

Posted by ronenkadushin on October 31, 2012

A festival for open design VIENNA OPEN is providing a platform to discuss the idea of open design, open source and open knowledge especially in the fields of data and information, code and hardware, fashion and sound as well as product design.
Had the pleasure to give a talk and a workshop about Open Design.
Excellent event, gallery, and location!


Flat Nouveau Chair photos

Posted by ronenkadushin on October 3, 2012

Some amature (my)  photos of the Flat Nouveau Chair prototype at the Helmrinderknecht Design Gallery exhibition at the Vienna Design Week. 6mm aluminum, laser cut, Bent by hand.


A new Open Design chair at Vienna Design Week

Posted by ronenkadushin on September 24, 2012

The Flat Nouveau Chair was designed especially for the Helmrinderknecht Gallery exhibition at the Vienna 2012 Design Week.

This chair takes its inspiration from Art Nouveau, a movement that has strong origins, and presence in Vienna. It is a piece that reflects at more than a century of cultural evolution of this style, from classic motifs, typefaces, 60’s psychedelic art that made an Art Nouveau revival, and commercial use of the style. The chair is a generous and humoristic sculptural expression around Art Nouveau.

The Flat Nouveau Chair has a unique structural configuration and hinge mechanism that were developed by Ronen Kadushin. It is cut from a single sheet, and bent to shape by hand with no need for machines. It is also an Open Design, meaning, anyone can download the design files of the prototype and self produce it or change it.




Open Design presentation at the Bucharest Intl. Furniture Exhibition

Posted by ronenkadushin on September 8, 2012

I was invited to give an Open Design presentation at The “DESIGN – Concept of living” conference at the Bucharest International Furniture exhibition.



New Website Goes Online!

Posted by ronenkadushin on August 25, 2012

After 7 years of great performance, my Design-Factory designed site is updated to a brand new system and design by the talented Shlomi Mir.
One last look at the old website home page:www_ronen-kadushin_com_index_asp.jpg

2—3-07.12, Sala Teatre, CCCB , Barcelona, Spain

I will be a speaker at an the Open Design/ Sharesd Creativity international conference forum that seeks to explore and debate the emerging landscape of openness and exchange that is taking shape around practices such as open code, creative commons licensing, co-creation, de-localisation and collaboration.


Digital technology and social networks have reached a point of maturity from which a new industrial culture is emerging, revolutionising the processes of creation, mediation, distribution and consumption. Taking design in all its expressions and forms as a starting point, the conference will be an important international forum of ideas, working platforms and specialised practices that are transforming the articulation of design with society, economy and culture.

Designers, architects, artists, editors, web activists, programmers, curators, lawyers and cultural analysts will explore over two days the reality and the potential of open design culture, from new business models to the most experimental creative practices.


Conference convenor: Viviana Narotzky, design historian, writer and curator



I had the pleasure to do a three day creativity workshop with students of the Ecole d'art et design de Saint-Etienne, ESADSE, and give an Open Design presentation.




Open Design Symposium in Linz, May 2012

Posted by ronenkadushin on June 11, 2012

A great Open Design Symposium held at the Art University of Linz, And a „Objects as Information“ workshop with designer Greg Saul as part of Linuxs Week Linz.


Open Design at Design 2.0 meet up in Seoul, May 2012

Posted by ronenkadushin on June 10, 2012

An Open Design Symposium organized by the Hongik University of Seoul was a long presentation and discussion about aspects of Open Design. I was a guest speaker along with Bas Van Abel and Massimo Manicinelli. Some of my designs were produced for the event.


Hack Chair in NOHO New York

Posted by ronenkadushin on May 18, 2012

DMY BER-JFK NOHO Exhibition 18.5-21.5 2012


The Hack Chair was part of a group exhibition of Berlin design organized by DMY and Mark Braun, presented in NY NOHO district.


Reflecting the creative diversity of Berlin’s unique and vibrant design scene, this hand-picked selection of “Berlin products” features a wide range of objects by designers living and working in the German capital. From interior solutions to home accessories, the unique objects offer new possibilities for modern living spaces.



Recent Uploads chairs in Japan

Posted by ronenkadushin on October 10, 2011

Three of my Recent Uploads Collection chairs were produced in Japan as part of the “The form of Co-Creation: the reality in the Digital Fabrication Era” exhibition. At the Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery.


From the exhibition text: ““Design” means a kind of scheme of interface with synthesizing the innovative network and the production system. In this scheme, artists and designers play very important roles as professionals who critically verify the potentials or vision of our environment, or as incubators who raise the creativity of co-creation through introducing their efforts to users. They are considered as the frontiers of the new world of creation.


October 1~November 13, 2011




Design Reaktor workshop in Shanghai

Posted by ronenkadushin on September 24, 2011

I'll be taking part in a week long Design Reaktor Workshop at SADA, the Shanghai Academy of Art and Design. 30.10-6.11.2011


Open Design Convention

Posted by ronenkadushin on February 1, 2011

The fourth Creative Industries Convention in Graz (Styria) was devoted to the topic of Open Desig. I gave a keynote presentation and the CIS produce a comprehensive reader on the subject.

"The aim of the Creative Industries Convention 2011 is to examine closely the possibilities of Open Design: is it more than a theory? Can it be used as a new working method or – even as a new business model?"