Consulting services available.

Internet of People

Ronen Kadushin is a member of Internet of People Consultancy.
Internet of People provides a state-of-the art -analysis of Internet of Things, from a technical, managerial, regulatory and economic perspective. We  outline the critical challenges and opportunities facing your business to help your organisation take maximum advantages of the benefits of IoT. We apply design-driven and innovation methodologies that drive change and place people at the very centre of your organisational strategy.

Creativity Workshops

The workshop explores creative paths that lead to innovative products and services. An open and guided storytelling session with a companies' lead development team sets a creative environment for generating ideas and concepts, and understanding their potential. The workshop is a learning experience where a participan's qualities, skills, creativity and energy drive a result oriented creative process. The ideas and insights are then formalised and designed by Ronen Kadushin into an artist concept for understanding directions and possibilities, and refining a product brief with creative clarity.

In the Open- An Open Design Joint Project

In this Open Design project, a brand builds and supports an online community with know-how, and facilitates its creativity. This gives your company the opportunity to engage, enable and grow your community in entirely new ways, to generate a unique form of brand awareness, and to position your brand as a player on the cutting edge of social innovation and design.
This is an opportunity to create valuable, shareable content as well as build lasting, long-term relationships with your community.
In the Open projects are run collaboratively between your company and Ronen Kadushin, with Ronen being the project lead. External partners would be pulled in as needed.